Yitzhak Livneh (b. 1952)


“As a painter I always questioned the nature of the pictorial image and researched the zone between painting and photography. I always challenge myself in relation to flatness and the surface of my works. In recent years I am trying to radicalize the means with which I paint by using unconventional supports and unusual methods of application of paint such as graining tools and sprayed paint. I believe that despite the mechanical age in which we live, painting is a relevant medium. In order to be so, painting has to reinvent itself. It should be a fresh and a surprising medium. I do the best I can to be so.”



Over the past quarter century, Livneh has become one of Israel’s most influential painters.

A case in point is Livneh’s paintings of mirrors. Poised somewhere between abstraction and trompe l’oeil, the gray, bluish, or emerald pieces of glass, rendered in rough,strange washes of oil paint, offer no reflection of external reality, but rather their own ultimate opacity—their dumb, dazzling thingness.