Yifat Bezalel (b. 1975)


“A restless ghostly spirit is the shadow of my creation. It seeks to become material, wanting to build for itself a sanctuary, to build a home within it. This spirit is homeless like the Shekhina. When the Temple was destroyed, it remained all alone.

An anxious ghostly spirit wandering through the Holy City grasping any place in its confusion, as though grasping the horns of the alter.

The intermediaries are finely drawn in meticulous craftsmanship. Even if I strive to give them an earthly appearance, they remain breathing and somewhat transparent on the paper. They do not grip it. The paper generously offers them a void that calms their hearts.




My video works are the black box of my drawings. It is there that I describe the secret, the cause. They are in fact the storyboard of my drawings.

I long to touch the gene of abandonment. To cry out the national romantic female trauma. The trauma that is created with the man who returns empty from war. The stricken and wounded man who seeks healing in his wanderings. His soul uncommitted. The home that is heading for disaster, for disappointment, and for death.

They, the images that populate my drawings, are the shadowy traces left behind, they are the guards. The women who watch over the stricken man who departs before he arrives.”