Tatyana Nazarenko (b. 1944)


“My subjects are dictated by the Russian history ─ Pugachev, Decembrists, Narodnaya Volya, guerrillas, victims of Soviet repressions… Permanent revolt, and permanent penalty… Protest and violence… But I am an artist, not a writer, a historian or a publicist. I use my own means … with the help of colour, composition, and gesture… I believe that magic exists ─ the magic of art.”


Nazarenko’s oeuvre reflects the realization of the most important tendencies of modern realistic art, which, in their turn, have constantly provoked her to look for some new expressive means.



From the mid-1970s her art excites both the viewers and the critics thus granting the right to call Nazarenko the most original artist of contemporary art.


The intellectual and spiritual quests of Tatyana Nazarenko have found their peculiar reflection in the works of historical genre including the theme of historical memory.