Sasha Serber (b. 1973)


“The materials I work with are not durable, for example- Styrofoam, wax, plaster and acrylic paint. These are consumable materials that are usually used for modeling or in the process of sculpting.

The choice of materials stands in contrast to the theme of the works which is reconstructing and simulating forgotten or fantastic sites. For example, the use of Styrofoam to depict burnt wood or environments after a fire, allows me to raise questions of aesthetics.

In my more recent works, I relate to traditional realistic imagery, integrating the imagery with visual characteristics of the traditional classic European art, sculpting pop and cult icons such as Pinocchio and Batman.”


Sasha Serber’s work explores the boundary between sculpture installation and realistic sculpture, as well as imitating different materials and different surfaces. Serber works in classic methods of sculpting such as carving and engraving but uses contemporary materials like polystyrene and plastic.



His sculptural installations are large scale and created in a variety of techniques. A prominent element in Serber’s work is the fakeness and the illusion of the material. In his video works, he exposes the sculptural actions he uses for his installation and sculptural works, integrating them with the narrative of the video.


Another two of Serber’s installations exhibit an old cemetery and an archaeological museum or site. The works are made from Styrofoam simulating ancient stone. These sites, which are in part imaginary and part reconstructions of Serber's childhood memories, show the decorative and aesthetic elements and the illusion he is creating in his works.