Rami Maymon (b. 1976)


“In my work, I use and juxtapose a variety of media, such as photography, video and installation, touching upon notions such as immanence, originality, and authenticity. My works echo and activate a familiar mechanism of passion in the viewer’s mind, exploring potential relationships between signifier and signified, art and the banality of life. By dealing with the relationship of image, matter and space, I try to address questions pertaining to the medium of photography and the photograph's changing status over time, while exposing the mechanisms of production and control associated with photography in particular and with the field of art and culture as a whole. I am interested in a specific moment when image touches matter, photography brushes against design and organization becomes meaning. My work revolves around the polarity and the tension between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality, static and organic, revelation and concealment, between documentation and staging, intervention and neutrality, taste and preconception - between the space captured within the photograph and the actual presence of a photograph in a given space.”



Rami Maymon uses his primary medium of photography to investigate concepts of originality, authenticity, and uniqueness by highlighting the relationship between a photograph’s mode of production and it’s subsequent distribution.

His materials include both his own portraiture, and the pages of art books in which those portraits are reprinted, drawing connections between the original and it’s reproduction. Maymon’s work operates within the gaps between a real spatial presence, the flat photographic representation of that presence, and the potentially unlimited reproductions of that presence in the form of photographic prints.