LEE Gilwoo (b. 1967)


LEE Gilwoo’s work explores traditional Korean crafts beyond the classic form. Incense is the artist’s symbolic material, which he uses to burn the paper and make subtle points to form images. By juxtaposing several layers of these images on Hanji Korean paper, LEE develops a new kind of visual performance. The compositions are simple but refined, usually referring to eastern and western iconography. The delicate arrangement of the picture is not without reminding the western tradition of pointillism.  By using traditional printing skill, the artist spots out layers of landscapes; in addition, the natural texture of silk and layers of Korean paper become a notable feature of LEE’s creation.



1994 B.F.A. in Korean Painting, Choong-Ang University, Ansung, Korea

1998 M.F.A. in Korean Painting, Choong-Ang University, Ansung, Korea



2018 Memory, The Omsk Museum of Fine Arts, Omsk, Russia

2010 New York State of Mind, White Box 329, New York, US

2009 Gallery SUN Contemporary, Seoul, Korea

2008 Irrelevant Answer, Gallery Moon, Beijing, China

2007 Ronald on Tour, Gallery SUN contemporary Seoul, Korea

2006 Irrelevant Answer, Gallery Moon, Beijing, China

2005 Exhibition and Creation, Yeomhwang Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea


2004 Pyeon, Jung, In, Woodeok Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2004 Exhibition and Creation, Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul, Korea



2018 Jeju, Paints Asia, Jeju World Natural Heritage Center, Jeju, Korea

2018 Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea

2017 The 40th Anniversary of SUN Gallery, SUN Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2017 Korea-China Next-Generation Master Artists, Naju Creative Center, Naju, Korea

2017 Jeju, the Island of Peace, becomes the Island of Art, Jeju World Natural Heritage

Center, Jeju, Korea

2017 水墨南道(Sumugnamdo), Haengchon Art Museum, Haenam, Korea

2016 K-Art Tour, Gangneung Culture & Arts Foundation, Gangneung, Korea

2016 The Spectrum of the Real and the Imaginary, Hanbyeokwon Art Museum, Seoul,


2016 Taiwan-Korea International Art Exchange Exhibition, Yilan Museum of Art, Taiwan

2016 LEE Gilwoo – IM Taek, Lina Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2016 1st Amei International Contemporary Arts Exhibition, Sichuan, China 

2015 China-Japan-Korea Exchange Exhibition, Sojun Art Gallery, Jindo, Korea

2015 With Light and Life, Ara Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2014 Biennale Archive, 2014 Busan Biennale Special Exhibition, Busan Cultural Center,

Busan, Korea