KIM Kang Yong (b. 1950)


Bricks are the foundations of modern cityscapes. They have been the favorite subject of KIM Kang Yong through the course of his 50 years career. In his paintings, KIM renders bricks with utmost attention to the real world. By meticulously detailing the effects of light and shadow on the urban material, the artist demonstrates his propensity for realism. In that way he explores the spaces between reality and the imaginary. His Reality + Image series illusions the viewers with a hyper realistic depiction of group of bricks. KIM creates space and depth by using the same repeated motif of rectangles that he then turns into a background to the changing atmosphere of the light. Through his practice he questions the boundary between ‘what to see’ and ‘what is real.’



1978 B.F.A., College of Fine Art Hong Ik University, Seoul, Korea

1981 M.F.A., College of Fine Art Hong Ik University, Seoul, Korea



2016 Gallery Fn Seoul, Korea

2014 Gallery MAHA 21 Seoul, Korea

2013 Gallery Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna, Austria

2013 Gallery Michael Schultz, beijing, China     

2012 Gallery Michael Schultz, Berlin, Germany

2010 Gallery Pakyoung, Seoul, Korea

2009 T Art Center, Beijing, China

2009 National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

2008 Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2007 Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore


2007 Gallery Kaze, Osaka, Japan

2006 Neuhoff Gallery, New York, US

2006 Mono Gallery, Beijing, China

2005 Korea Art Company Gallery, Seoul, Korea



2017 New Image, Seokdang Museum, Busan, Korea

2017 France and Yangpyeong, Yangpyeong Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea

2017 Atelier Story, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

2017 Kim Tschang-Yeul, Kim Ki-Rin, Kim Kang-Yong 3 Artists, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea

2017 Accompany, HongIk museum of art, Seoul, Korea

2016 The Four Seasons trace of emotion, Jeongeup Museum of Art, Jeongeup, Korea

2015 Korea & Japan 2015, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2015 COEXISTENCE, YangPyeong Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea

2013 The sounds of korea, Beijing, China

2012 Nature & City, Yangpyeong gunrip Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea

2010 Brick Opens Korean Modern Architecture, Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Korea

2010 30th ANNIVERSARY OF THE YOUNG KOREAN ARTISTS, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

2010 THE MORE, THE BETTER, Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea