June LEE (b. 1985)


June Lee’s work focuses on the individual in the contemporary society today. She explores the neutrality and duality of the individual as a distinct unity and again as a constituent of the collective society. In particular, she sheds light on the social phenomena surrounding the individual in a contemporary social space, focusing on negative conditions such as bystander effect, mass psychology, scapegoating, and biases. Using the East Asian element of the thread, which represents human life, to form human figure-like works, her art looks at the problems of the modern Man from a third-person perspective.



2012 MFA Cranbrook Academy of Art in Fiber, Bloomfield Hills, MI, US

2008 BFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Painting and Drawing, Chicago, IL, US



2016 Bystander, Pier2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan



2018  Excellence in Fiber, San Jose Museum of Quilt and Textile, CA, US

2018  12th Interntional Biennial of Contemporary Textitle Art “Scythia”, Ukraine

2017  Public Art New Hero, JCC Art Center, Seoul, South Korea

2017  Juncture, San Jose Museum of Quilt and Textile, CA, US


2017  32nd Tallahassee International Exhibition, FSU MoMA, FL, US

2017  The Cherry Valley Biennial Summer Sculpture Trail, NY, US

2017  2017 Rijswijk Textile Biennial, Rijswijk Museum, Rijswijk, Netherlands

2017  International Textile Biennial 2017, Haacth, Belgium

2016  Primatic, Korean Culture Center DC, Washington D.C, US

2016  Timespace -7 Paris, DDP Gallery Mun, Seoul, Korea

2016  The Faces of Politics: In/Tolerance, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA, US

2016  Fiber International 2016,Pittsburg Center for the Arts, Pittsburg, PA, US

2015  Do Dream Small Museum Open Exhibition, Do Dream Small Museum,

Dongduchun, South Korea

2015   Fiber International 7, Sebastopol Center for Art, Sebastopol, CA, US

2015   Revelation, 2nd France Fine Craft and Creates Biennale, Grand Palais, Paris, France

2015   Kaleidoscope world, Danwan Art Museum, Ansan, Korea

2015   The 8th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, Special Exhibition “Multi-colored

 Stories to Know: Ceramic of Life, Ceramic of Space collaboration”,

Bandal Art Museum, Yeoju, Korea

2014   Bag Stage #6, Bag is Performance with 0914 Simone,

Simone Handbag Museum Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2014   New Direction, LA Craft and Folk Museum, LA, US

2014   ITAB: International TECHstyle Art Biennale, San Jose Museum of Textile and Quit, US