HEO Suyoung (b. 1984)


Meticulous analysis of the encyclopedia is the starting point of HEO Suyoung’s practice. Taking on images and elements of the compendium, HEO Suyoung’s paintings can be interpreted as transcriptions of the book. These reconstructed images record the countless visual information created during the process, and reveal relationships between images from the book on subjects such as plants or insects. Also central to HEO’s work is the theme of the 4 seasons that he treats over and over again, juxtaposing layers after layers on the same canvas. Naturally, the first layers become the background and the later layers become the foreground. With lush, richly layered foliage and dense brush, his images teem with the visual complexity of the forest and manage to collapse and scale the passage of time.



2008 B.F.A. Fine arts, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea

2010 M.F.A. Fine arts, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea



2018 Heo Suyoung solo exhibition, 63 Art museum, Seoul, Korea

2016 Heo Suyoung, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2013 Recent Paintings, Insa Art Space, Seoul, Korea

2013 3852 Pages, 5725 Images, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju, Korea

2011 Ctrl + V, Chengju Art Studio, Chengju, Korea

2010 The Smaller Majority, Zaha Museum, Seoul, Korea



2018 Season 3 Residency Artists Exhibition, Taipei Artist Village Barry room, Taipei, Taiwan

2018 Creative 8 report, OCI museum, Seoul, Korea

2017 Meta scape, Wooyang Museum, Gyungju, Korea

2017 The House, OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea

2017 Memory and stay, DMZ Campgreaves, Paju, Korea

2015 Mind eye view(Park Eunha, Heo Suyoung), Space K, Gwacheon, Korea

2015 Paintings-all the windows to the world, Blume museum of contemporary art, Paju, Korea

2015 Our awesome moments, Hite collection, Seoul, Korea

2014 Duft der zeit, Kumho museum, Seoul, Korea

2014 Multi –painting, OCI museum, Seoul, Korea

2014 Multifarious appearances of ten thousand things, SEMA Nam Seoul living arts museum, Seoul, Korea

2013 In between, Kumho museum, Seoul, Korea

2013 Things varying in form-from things to beings, Gwangju museum of art, Gwangju, Korea

2013 The moment, we awe, Hakgojae gallery, Seoul, Korea

2013 Landscape of mind, Woljeon museum of art Icheon, Icheon, Korea

2010 Korea Tomorrow, SETEC, Seoul, Korea