I never chose between Dada and Dali, the impressionists or futurists, Klee or Klimt, the school of Nice or the Dutch school. I look at everything. (Danièle Akmen)


Akmen doesn’t speak much about her origins, her path and her career and she only gives facts. Born in 1945 in Monaco, she grew up with a father “a bit lithographer, a bit draftsman and painter” who, after attending the Estienne School (Municipal Professional School of Book Arts and Industries in Paris), lived for his passions and had the wonderful flaw, from the point of view of a child, to be curious about everything. Through him, Danièle discovered drawing and color, and she developed a fascination with art, which led her to study at the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Nice and then in Limoges. What happened then? Akmen lived, painted and lived to paint.




Selected Exhibitions:

2013 Galerie Artvera's, Geneva

2012 Galerie Daniel Varenne, Geneva

2009 La Citerne, Les Baux-de Provence

2006 Chappelle St Elmen, Citadelle Villefranche-sur-mer

2002 Galerie l'Apocope, Marseille

1989 Centre culturel Français, Naples

1985 Haukin Kaufman Gallery, Chicago

1971 New Smith Gallery, Brussels

1967 Galerie Boissière, Paris