Press Release


As part of artgenève program and current Artvera’s exhibition Red Desert, the place where activism becomes attitude (illustrating Monte Verità posterity), we are delighted to inform you that Geneva-based artist Elena Montesinos will present at Artvera’s Gallery – I TREAT VENOM * REMOVE TAINT * EMERITA NO TV — a participatory performance reminding us that « What counts is taking part » (Elena Montesinos, Federal Fine Arts Contest, 1995). 

During the artist’ performance participants will join a raffle with as first prize a weekend for two at Monte Verità!

The exchange and the mutual sharing with the public are Elena Montesinos’ must. Her performance is focused on the legendary hill that at the beginning of the 20th Century brought together artists, utopians, anarchists, dancers and thinkers in search for a better world. Winners will entirely experience Monte Verita contemporary spirit.


Elena alludes to Dadaism when she decides how to name her performance making a specific reference of the virtues of the “social sanatorium” encouraged by the well known Monte Verità community. I TREAT VENOM * REMOVE TAINT * EMERITA NO TV are an anagram of Monte Verità. The three slogans are today’s legacy of the visionary principles of that mythical area.


Come and try your luck at Artvera’s booth during Artgenève (C10).


Audaces fortuna juvat ("Fortune favours the brave"), Virgil, Aeneid, X, 284.