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Curated by Jeanette Zwingenberger & Sofia Komarova

Artvera's Gallery is pleased to announce Metaphyisical Landscapes, an exhibition of works by four international artists Marc Couturier, Evgeni Dybsky, Raffi Kaiser and Frank Perrin. Curated by Paris based art historian Jeanette Zwingenberger and Artvera's director Sofia Komarova, the exhibition brings together over thirty paintings, drawings, and photographs which collectively explore multiple dimensions of time and space.

The exhibition borrows its title from metaphysical painting, the artistic movement established in Italy in 1917 by Giorgio de Chirico with a goal of “painting that which cannot be seen.” De Chirico’s interest in “true reality” that is hidden behind the reality of appearances is echoed in the work of the four artists who use the tangible – landscape, architecture, figures, objects – as a conduit for their own mindset.


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