Press Release

At first glance, nothing seems to link YOU Hyeonkyeong and Cédric Lollia, yet both push the boundaries of intimacy and eroticism.


French Guadeloupean artist Cédric Lollia (b. 1975), grew up in the Paris suburbs. The Influence of the street art culture of the 1980’s transpires in his schematic figures, choice of subjects and compositions. Lollia ‘s practice has evolved over the course of the years and of his wanderings. From the trains “vandal” graffities of his youth to large scale narrative canvases to sensual drawings executed in a Czech brothel.

Korean artist YOU Hyeonkyeong (b. 1985) depicts erotic and intimate scenes. In her 2008 series “Amateur male models”, YOU reverses the roles by inviting unfamiliar men to pose in random hotel rooms. Going further in the voyeuristic view the series “You in such a space” represents couples having sex as if observed through a spyhole. “[…] I face a small conflict between the viewer’s vividness and painter’s vagueness.” explains YOU Hyeonkyeong.


The exhibition will run until March 28.


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