1972 - Born in Odessa, Ukraine

1973 - Moved to Berdyansk

1979-1989 - Secondary school studies and attended drawing classes at the state art studio

1989 - Entered the state university in Zaporizhzhya (Department of Foreign Languages)

1991 - Was expelled from the university for taking part in democratic anti-communist regime campaigns. Travelled to Sweden to ask for political asylum; after a month, I received my rejection (it was at the time when the putsch failed in Moscow and Ukraine got independence in few months) and went back to Ukraine

1993 - Applied for emigration to the Canadian Embassy in Kiev and was rejected. Entered the Teachers Training Institute in Berdyansk and continued my education

1997 – Finished studies at the institute and went to Kiev to make my career as an artist. Became acquainted with a lot of foreign diplomats and began to sell my art. During that time I applied to a lot of Kiev galleries for art shows and was rejected due to my criticism of the antihuman regime of President Kuchma

2003 - Worked as an artist-illustrator for "Generalny Director" magazine

2004-2005 - Took part in the Orange Revolution which didn't bring real democracy to Ukraine or real freedom to Ukrainians

2005 - All Ukrainian galleries still continue to refuse to exhibit my work

2007 - 2009 - Worked as an artist-illustrator and PR manager for "Graal Collection" magazine

2009 - Became one of the founders of the independent artists union “Freedom or Death”

2012 - 2014 - Worked as an artist at "Animagrad" animation studio




2015 - "JUST ART", Gallery Artvera's, Geneva, Switzerland

2014 - Presented work as a CG artist at "Kvartal 95" animation studio ("Skazochnaya Rus", "Fairy Rus", "Multibarbara" series cartoons).

2014 - "Through The Never", The Drum, Kiev, Ukraine (solo show)

2013 - Participated in the project "Zhlob-Art", Mystetsky Arsenal (Art Kiev Contemporary 2013), Kiev, Ukraine


2012 - "Welcome to Ukraine", art show of Independent Artists Union Freedom or Death, Tryptych Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

2012 - Participated in the project "Zhlob-Art", Salo, Lviv, Ukraine

2011 – Participated in Art Kiev Contemporary with the project “Velyka Okruzhna” (Welcome to Euro 2012), Mystetsky Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine.

2011 - Participated in the project "Zhlob-Zhlobstvo-Zhlobizm" of Antin’s Gallery, Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art, Kiev, Ukraine

2011 - Participated in the anarchy art project "Freedom or Death", Mystetsky Arsenal Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

2010 - Participated in the project “The Death Match”, Marginesy Gallery, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

2009 - Participated in Art Kiev Contemporary with the project “The Death Match”, Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine

2009 - Took part in the Gogol-Fest Contemporary Art Fair, Mystetsky Arsenal Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

2009 - Participated in the Makhno-Fest Contemporary Art Festival, Hulyai, Pole, Ukraine

2009 - Participated in the Fine Art Ukraine Art Fair with the project “Troeshchina Chronicles”, Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine

2008 - "Our Ukraine" art show, Antin's Collection, Art-Foxtrot Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

2007 - Gogol-Fest, Kiev, Ukraine

2006 - The Drum, Kiev, Ukraine (solo show)

2005 - State of the Arts Gallery (Sarasota, Florida, USA); Beeldkracht Gallery (Scheemda, Netherlands)

2001 - Held art shows at the residence of South African Ambassador Mr. Delarey van Tonder and at the Kiev International School