Ryan MENDOZA (1971)


Mendoza’s work reveals our innermost fears and humanity’s many obsessions. It ranges from expressionist to realist tendencies and makes reference to numerous historical figures such as Lucian Freud, Chuck Close and Alex Katz. Similarly, he uses the painting techniques of the old masters, marrying them with aesthetic stimuli from modern everyday life.

Among his major works is The White House. In 2016, he bought a dilapidated house in Detroit, Michigan and had it shipped to Europe. First exhibited at Art Rotterdam, it is now a permanent installation at the Verbeke Foundation. Unwittingly, Mendoza provoked a lively debate by doing this. 



The City of Detroit felt that the intention in exhibiting the house was to show the ruins of the city rather than raise awareness about its growing poverty. The American artist, however, continued his project by painting two abandoned buildings in the city of Detroit, and inviting the candidates for the US presidency to spend the night there. With homes in Naples and Berlin, Mendoza has exhibited throughout Europe in institutions such as the Nuovo Castel Museum and the Contemporary Art Museum in Naples, and at the White Cube in London.