Born in 1931 in Jerusalem, he lives and works in Paris. On his voyages, Raffi Kaiser dissolves himself into the landscapes. He stayed for three years in the Israeli desert, travelled all over China's wild countrysides and Japan's volcanic regions. In the USA he crossed the Grand Canyon then came to a halt in Italy when he saw the hills of Tuscany. On his return to his studio, permeated with his excursions, he finds himself facing the blank page which becomes an integral part of his work, a meditation. He then remembers landscapes he covered and draws them.

It is the experience of the encounter with the infinite expanses until they become the "viewing space". Not one horizon line or hint of a viewpoint introduces the human scale. The visitor disappears in this primordial place. The artist invites us to a reminiscence of an imaginary voyage in a partition punctuated by pathways. At a closer glance, they become writing: a linear network of scratch lines with minute marks. Kaiser's trees are like portraits whose trunks, especially those of thousand-year-old olive trees, embody the presence of another time while the leaves, so light and ephemeral, belong to the ever-changing seasons.