PARK HeeSeop (1972)


Oriental painting has an aesthetic characteristic that is deeply related to time. When looking at the works of Park Heeseop, we can strongly feel the disposition of Oriental civilization; we experience a totally different manifestation of emotion. Park studied ink wash painting in South Korea. After understanding the beauty of such connoted art, he moved to China and has focused on his painting near 798 Art Zone, the busiest art district in China, for the past four years. Living in a modern city, he was like a hermit who peacefully practised his creative art.

Hereafter his painting has become more simple and sublime, but at the same time, he still transforms the graceful tradition of Oriental painting into a more contemporary style. He arranges bushes, a crown of a tree, a tree trunk and branches in a protean space which exhibits a strong visual impression. He cuts sea shells into thin slices, and then carefully places them on the canvas to create various forms of trees. This method has been used to decorate furniture to give the surface a more luminous and lustrous effect. This kind of transformation of traditional medium and material is one of the very distinct characteristics of contemporary art. It clearly portrays the depth and transition of awareness towards modern society.

His painting is the portraiture of the new-born Oriental spirit. He portrays a human as a tree and looks at the world through the tree, and we are ourselves reflected in his painting. It is enough to say that Park’s painting is just like ‘looking at people through the trees’. This question of contemporary art still holds true.


2002 M.A. Fine Arts, Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea
1999 B.F.A. Fine Arts, Dongguk University, Seoul. Korea



2015 Park HeeSeop Solo Exhibition, Convention & Exhibition Center, Hong Kong
2015 Park HeeSeop Solo Exhibition, L Gallery, Beijing, China
2013 Park HeeSeop Solo Exhibition, ARTMIA, Beijing, China
2012 Park HeeSeop Solo Exhibition, Space CAN Beijing, Beijing, China
2011 Park HeeSeop Solo Exhibition, Gallery DONGSANBANG, Seoul, Korea
2009 Park HeeSeop Solo Exhibition, Gallery Artside Beijing, Beijing, China
2007 Park HeeSeop Solo Exhibition, The National Art Studio Goyang, Goyang, Korea
2007 Park HeeSeop Solo Exhibition, Gallery DONGSANBANG, Seoul, Korea
2006 Park HeeSeop Solo Exhibition, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2002 Park HeeSeop Solo Exhibition, Gallery Sa-Gan, Seoul, Korea

2015 CIGE, National Convention Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China
2015 ART BEIJING, Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing, China
2015 TOUCHING MOMENTS IN MACAU, Gana Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2013 Boao Forum YIJING Contemporary, Boao Center, Hainan, China
2013 CAN CAN CHINA! Space CAN Beijing, Beijing, China
2012 TIME SPECTRUM-Getting to the Depth of Time, 63 Sky Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
2011 Art Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2011 No. 45 Kumho Young Artist, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2010 CIGE, Beijing International Trade Center, Beijing, China