Miguel CHEVALIER (1959)


Miguel Chevalier has been using information technology as a means of expression in the field of graphic art since 1978. He is known on the global stage as one of the pioneers of virtual and digital art.

His work is experimental and multidisciplinary, ranging from installations, virtual environments, laser-cut and 3D printed sculptures to holographic images and more. He also stages projects in the public and architectural area.

His work addresses the question of immateriality in art and logic induced by the computer, such as hybridisation, generativity, interactivity and networking.



It develops various themes such as the relationship between nature and artifice, the observation of the streams and networks that organise contemporary society, the imaginary aspect in architecture and virtual cities. The images these themes present constantly question our relationship with the world.
Miguel Chevalier has held numerous exhibitions in museums, art centres and galleries throughout the world.