KIM Jong-Ku (1963)


Kim’s creations are extremely labour-intensive, executed by grating huge masses of iron into powder, which he then uses to make ink for his large-scale calligraphy works. The transformation of iron during Kim’s work process is not only physical; it also involves a profound transformation of meaning. Iron, as a symbol of the material civilization of modern times, is used here to epitomize the human desire for constant progress. By transforming solid iron into a fine power, the artist removes its massiveness and aggression, allowing it to assume a physical form so delicate and impermanent that it can be altered even by the subtle movements of air. Kim compounds this minimal materiality by adding liquid to it, so as to create the ink he uses to paint. By producing calligraphy from iron powder, Kim creates works of fine art that imply an innate spirituality and, furthermore, express complete dematerialization. Kim calls his works “landscapes”; they become the points of departure for his own personal monologue.



1996 M.F.A., Chelsea College of Art & Design London, UK

1993 M.F.A., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

1998 B.F.A., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea



2015 “Iron Powder Painting”, Ami Art Museum, Dang Jin, Korea

2014 “I have lost the form” - Iron Powder Painting, Kimchongyun Museum, Seoul, Korea

2014 Traversing landscape, BMOCA, Boulder, USA

2013 Vision Horizontal, EN MEDIO DE, Colombia

2013 “Confessing” Taipa Houses Museum, Macao

2011, “The Ball-Though I am confessing”, ONE AND J. Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 Mobile Landscape: Kim Jongku, Spencer Museum of Art, Kansas, USA

2009 Sculpture & Poongkyung, Curiosity Gallery, Seoul, Korea




2015 Interweaving, Artspace, Daegu, Korea

2015 MOMENTUM: ART/OMI 1997~2014, Total Museum, Seoul, Korea

2015 Brilliant Memories, DDP, Seoul, Korea

2014 Unexpected Scenes, Asian Museum of Art, Culture Factory, Osan, Korea

2014 Korean Beauty: Two Kinds of Nature, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

2013 Ask the Dust, Orto Botanico garden, Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, Lucca, Italy

2013 Homage to Whanki_Honor Kim Wonky, Whanki Museum, Korea

2012 Encounter Royal Academy in Asia, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore