John ISSACS (1968)


John Isaacs' work seems to suggest that, if we scratch the surface of reality just a little, we will reveal a hideous, sordid and uncomfortable truth that has been carefully concealed by a thin laminate layer. Indeed, Isaacs shows us the difference between the way in which we perceive our aseptic and sugar-coated world and the actual reality of that world. The metaphor of the Tower of Babel comes to mind, which is built ever higher, fed by our disillusion as consumers, but doomed to fall in the face of a reality that we never stop denying.

Isaacs makes repeated reference at the heart of his work to this moral confusion.



He challenges us to reconsider our presumptions and our ways of thinking in order to help us achieve a greater and more generous vision of the world. He does this by employing a variety of techniques, from drawing, painting and sculpture to juxtaposing objetcs with videos and photos.

Since 1990 Isaacs has produced several major works which have been shown include Young British Artists 6 at the Saatchi Gallery in London (1993), Century City at the Tate Modern (2001), Minimal Maximal at the National Museum of Art in Tokyo (2001) and three solo exhibitions at Museums 52 in London.