Born in 1955 in Constanta, Romania, he lives and works between Berlin and Moscow. Paul Valery wrote: "What is deepest in man is his skin". Here it becomes a paint skin. Evgeni Dybsky who studied the old fresque technique in Italy proposes a reminiscence of Giotto. The paint layers and craquelure become thoughts on time. The human figures in the painting are transformed into color fields, not quite figurative or abstract. The spectator who looks at the works is reminded of a painting scene, which he is unable to determine.

In his dialogue with Giotto, Dybsky does not work in an illustrative manner but displays his creative process on two levels: figurative and material plasticity. Dybsky reveals to us that the affiliation with the Old Masters can be the basis itself of artistic work. His painting evokes past images by referring to both icons and Russian constructivism while the abstraction in his successive blendings recalls today's motion images.