Carmen PERRIN (1953)


Perrin explores the relations between the different materials that she works with. She also reveals their relation to the perceptive space and the architectural qualities of our social and public space. Active since the 1980s, she first established herself primarily as a plastic artist creating sculptures, before becoming interested in architectural contexts and landscape in the 1990s. Her workshop currently houses a study into the close relationship sculpting and drawing. Perrin is firmly rooted in her experience of Genevan life, having received her artistic training at the School of Fine Arts in Geneva, where she has taught for several years.




In 2014 she was commissioned to create the new station gateway at Cornavin and was invited onto the patronage committee of the Distinction romande d’architecture (Architecture Prize of Western Switzerland). Since the beginning of her career she has shown her work in numerous exhibitions, especially in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, in such renowned institutions as the Rath Museum and the Museum of Ethnography.