Aron DEMETZ (1972)


Aron Demetz is a sculptor in wood, creating figures that reflect the malaise existing between people and nature. He blends decomposition into his pieces, exploring textures and the way in which wood can be transformed. The emotional and psychological elements of Demetz’s installations express the profundity of the human experience. The surface is no longer a simple covering, it is a way of displaying the harmony and alienation that exist between man and nature.



Fragility is bi-dimensional: wood can be split and burnt, and so we witness the human façade collapsing. The attack of the elements is followed by the attack of doubts and fears, leading to the ruin of both the individual and the collective. Each work tells a fascinating story.

Demetz has collaborated with major partners such as the sculptor Willy Verginer and museums such as the Daetz-Centrum in Lichtenstein, Germany.